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See what other people are saying about our Veranda Knolls Apartments! At Veranda Knolls, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

Jorge Lopez
| 11/2/2019
Too much bugs at the moment of move and some issues with the apartment. But the staff is good and willing to help on fix it. Well give it a time to see if its fixed!
Ya'el Israel
| 9/26/2019
I love this community and the staff in particular DARIEN EVERETT! He is friendly and welcoming! He gets the job done! LOVE LOVE LOVE his customer service skills! When you go in and want the best experience ever, ASK FOR HIM!!!!!
| 9/7/2019
Darien was AMAZING!!! We were looking for an apartment which is hectic but Darien made it so easy. He is very personable, cared about our needs, and made sure that we got everything we needed in an apartment. If I could rent again..I would! If you are looking for an apartment, Veranda Knolls is the place. It is clean and friendly..be sure to ask for Darien he will take excellent care of you.
Nelson Vargas
| 8/22/2019
Since the arrival of the new manager Tosha Smith and her team, this apartment complex is the best place in all Peachtree Corners to live. They are professionals, pleasant, this place looks like never. I recommend this place. I am very happy to live here.
Ahzhane Dennis
| 8/6/2019
Great place so far ! Love the people in the office !
Leslie Ayers
| 6/30/2019
There been alot of improvement since I first came here..had sone good management and some not so good...but this staff is really trying to.improve and they are still working on it...im glad I decide to stay here another year..they help me transfer to a better apartment unit of one that Ive been wanted to move to near the pool and I am very happy now! Thank you veranda knolls and keep on making more good improvement! One more thing as far as roaches are concern i moved to upper level and i was concern if I will see roaches..I been here for 2 years at my first apt which was bottom level I didnt have any roaches problem but toward to the end of my lease I started see roaches..I immediately took action and it was gone in few weeks then I moved to my upper level and have not yet seen one roaches yet but we keep our apt clean all times..dont leave dirty dishes in sink over night and take trash out daily will keep away the roaches ...it does works..
Byron Gilbert
| 5/26/2019
Divorcing? Great place to make a quick move. Nice units with many amenities and extras. Professional staff.
Matthew Metzger
| 3/6/2019
Veranda Knolls is a step up from most apartnents. Our apt is spacious with lots of storage and pretty nice. There ARE the usual things that you find at any complex: appliances having some paint on then from when they did their speedthrough renovation, occasional mishap with the sink or plumbing, all minor things. The maintenance is friendly and quick with repairs, so even if you do have issues, their maintenance is reliable which most apt conplexes arent.That aside, it is no more special than a decent apartment with a lot of square footage. A great place to start out or step up to. However, our next step up were hopefully getting a house.
bella Hubbard
| 6/27/2018
A Good place to live.
Mary Jinglewski
| 5/24/2018
Ive lived here for close to 3 years now. What originally attracted me to the property was the large floorplans at great rates for this area, and the proximity to AtlantaDecatur and also the rest of Gwinnett County. (That is still the case.) What convinced me to sign was the visible evidence of long-time tenants - one of my neighbors keeps a flourishing garden - and how the neighbors look out for each other. Other neighbors in my building have been here for even longer than I have! The grounds do go through periods of messiness, and the aesthetics are not always crisp, but my apartment is perfect for me with storage space galore, large rooms, and a porch to sit out on. If there is something that goes wrong, management has always receptive to you contacting them. Given my persistent and sometimes forgetful nature, I sometimes contact them often and management has always gracious about that. When I first arrived here, the long-time manager was Magnolia, who was lovely and very sharp about the goings on in the complex. Now, the new manager is Tosha and my interactions with her have been great! Shes detail-oriented and easy to work with. Im looking forward to living here another year!
Dustan Day
| 5/18/2018
Great Management Team. Maintenance Crew also a good crew. Very kind and respectfull. Thx
Drea Will
| 4/26/2018
I lived in this community for a full year and honestly have not one complaint. The staff was friendly and Magnolia went above and beyond to make my experience smooth and pleasurable. Im not sure if shes still there, but she was one of the best leasing agents Ive ever dealt with. The community grounds were very well kept, maintenance was quick and efficient, no pests, smallquiet community and the neighbors and kids were respectful. Unfortunately, I had to move in order to make my work commute shorter, but if I could have renewed my lease, I would have with no problem.Also, the floor plans were large and spacious!
Magnolia Willis
| 4/17/2018
Lived and worked on this property very spacious Apartments and upgraded appliances perfect location youll be in the center of everything!
Matthew Metzger
| 1/10/2018
My girlfriend and I just moved here a month ago from Lilburn. I wish this was the place wed found before our previous apartment. The space is so nice, and at a great price for being so close to everything. The staff, Magnolia in particular, were very helpful, flexible and up front about everything. There were a few things missing when we arrived...and literally ten minutes later friendly maintenance guys came in and fixed it all or scheduled to right away. The community seems like a lot of great people so far, theres easy access to highways, and the forum is right there. I definitely recommend Veranda Knolls for apartment living. We love our apartment.
Diana Maria Perez Varelas
| 9/6/2017
Bonitos y limpios
Diana Maria Perez Varelas
| 9/6/2017
(Translated by Google) Lovely and clean(Original)Bonitos y limpios
Diana Maria Perez Varelas
| 9/6/2017
(Translated by Google) Nice and clean(Original)Bonitos y limpios
Michelle Hiemstra
| 7/3/2017
The apartment that a friend got there looks really nice
Vincent Latoro
| 4/29/2017
Secure and well organized
Hadeel Alghanim
| 2/18/2017
New management is improving the community condition !!
LaTasha Burton
| 1/3/2017
Place is very spacious. Rooms are sized nicely. Has a home feel to it. Staff is easy to work with and very pleasant. Move out was simple and charges fair.
Queen London
| 9/22/2016
The Property Manager always greets you with a warm smile. I was having some issues with the utility bill for two months when I first moved in and Deidre the (PM) was very open and willing to clear up the situation each time I came to the office. I also had a crack in my bay window, I informed Deidre that is was cracked, she immediately put in a work order for it to be fixed. My Bay window was fixed two days ago and I am very satisfied with the final product.
Dashir Moore
| 9/15/2016
Smooth move in... Apartment in great condition, at good rate for area and sq. footage
Val Holcolmb
| 4/14/2016
When i recently was in the apartment market, this place really stood out to me! The girl in the office was so sweet and nice! I didnt move in due to them not having a 3 bedroom available so I ended up at Village West at Peachtree Corners! The 3 bedroom was huge, the kitchens are remodeled and just breath taking. I highly recommend this place!!!

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